I am a Zorashtrian by birth
some claim I am more Hindu than a Hindu
some say a christian by temperament.
I’d rather say I am everything and nothing
everything encompassing the best in that religion
nothing referring to the conditionings of it.
Universal Religion of my God I wish to belong to
where He transforms and enlightens my each living moment
and brings peace and joy to me which I am able
to share with those who can partake its flavour.


9 responses to “I AM A ZORASHTRIAN BY BIRTH.

  1. I bow to God in you teaching me _/\_

  2. Congratulations on your new website Armaity!
    I look forward to reading some more of your wonderful words.
    kind regards, Susi B ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Gopikaa Vaidya

    what a lovely and touching composition aunty……….i could just feel the cooling sensation all over my subtle being……….aaaaaaaaaaah…….the composition is emitting peace ………..

  4. A lot of us born in India have the same . I am a Hindu by birth. I studied in a Roman Catholic School and imbibed a lot of the Christian teachings. Later, I learned music from a Muslim Guru whose family would take me to the Shrine of Baba Bahuddin and Haji Ali. From them I also learned of the Islamic teachings.Later I had Parsi friends who tried to tell me something of Zorashtrian teachings. My visits to Gurudwaras of Sikhs and listening to the renderings of the Guru Granth Sahib gave me knowledge of the Sikh teachings. This was also possible because my father was in the Indian Army and we would go to every temple, mosque and Gurudwara in the regiment or brigade. In my studies I realized that they are all saying the same thing. I also studied Buddhism, Jainism as part of the curriculum for Philosophy in college. Later when the world wide came into being I read about the red Indians of America and their teachings.
    Then I discovered a truly integrated Yoga of all the religions. Each teacher of these religions had a place in the history and the evolution of mankind. This is called Sahaja Yoga.When I first heard it I knew my search had ended. It made total sense to me. None of the Religions are hanging by themselves but are a very orderly way in which these Teachers came and taught, so as to trigger a level in human awareness.

  5. That’s really beautiful Auntie ๐Ÿ™‚
    jay Shri Mataji ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Paula

    Armaity, thank you for sharing your poetic gifts with the world! It is really a pleasure to read what you write. I also grew up exposed to christianity, but looking for the “whole picture” I read about the Tao, Buddhism, and could
    see that there were similar threads if we just opened ourselves to it. Now I also found ALL my answers through a quiet meditation class. This yoga class gave me the union with the divine, the connection, and I could feel the proof like a cool gentle breeze…I found Deepa’s story very interesting.
    What a privilege to be exposed to so many teachings! And from this new perspective, I can really enjoy more and more everyone and everything that stands for good and truth. Armaity you are a soldier of love with your poetry! Keep sharing, you are a treasure.

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