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The resurrection within is my message for all times
Forgiveness and pure love my teachings
Those who could see beyond the cover
and had eyes to see, saw
and had ears to hear, heard.
But those who could neither see nor hear
were lost in this illusory sphere.

Among the ones who watched me hung on cross
were those with tender quivering hearts,
helpless in front of mighty those
shedding tears of blood and pain inside.

My message was lost on those who had me interred
rejoicing my death with relief and cheer.
But those loving sheep from my very own flock
who were seeking the comfort of their own true self
were the ones I chose to reveal the ultimate truth.

Mary Magdalene, who along with others some
on the third morn came in to tend to my tomb
was blessed with my sight as I chose
to reveal myself rising from the dead.

Mary, the truest of my disciples,
blessed by her faith and belief
I designated as apostle to the apostles
to carry forth the tidings of hope and eternal life.

But those who were false and not worthy of me
chose to forget all my teachings and instead
raised grand Cathedrals and Churches in my name
singing my paeans of glory as they sought only their own.

My promise to all to redeem them with my love
stands strong and unshaken till today.
Those who will have eyes to see, will see
Those who will have ears to hear, will hear.



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