Ever blessed will be the moments of last nigh
with the final unfurling of the curl
that held the lotus bud tightly shut
it revealed its innermost secret,
which so far was hidden in parts
in all its glory and beauty bright.

Fellow travellers, brothers, sisters, mates of yore
we are the people, we are the world
connected to our Creator in a thousand myriad ways
not yet apparent to our inmost sight.
Lost in wilderness lined with illusion on our path
we wandered and groped in the darkness of dark
through life after life after life.

When lo! The Eternal Source from where we sprang
in mercy revealed its resplendent light
drawing us nearer and nearer to it.
Now with its flow of unceasing light
and glow of fire kindled within
we can finally see with our inner eyes
what the game of creation is all about.



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