Show me how to latch on to the spirit
of my spirit, O Lord,
for no golden key I’ve been able to find
to padlock it safely within my self.

Smoothen the surface of my flute O Lord
that the plaintive notes that leave it
are never out of tune.

Remove the blemishes of my canvas O Lord
that the simple strokes that I make
are soft and never harsh.

Soften the hardness of my medium, O Lord
that the chips I chisel are the ones
that are meant to be cut.

Bestow Thy attention to my weaveloom O Lord
that the threads I entwine
turn it into a tapestry of joy.

But it is only when I swallow
the remnants of my pride O Lord,
I comprehend that my goodness
in which I revel
is also a gift that comes
from the freedom of choice
that Thou have gifted me with.




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3 responses to “BEHOLDEN TO THEE.

  1. _/\_ I bow to Holy Spirit of Divinity in you teaching me again and again _/\_ always
    Jai Shri Mataji
    Nirmal love

  2. Deepa Mahajan

    Beautiful Armaity, Just so soothing and you have said what we all wish for.

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