Mother,I am just fresh wet clay in Thy hands,
mold me Thou to suit Thy moods and needs.
My only prayer to Thee is to keep me forever
in the mold of Thy shape
and never to let Thy fingers go
off my dampness
lest I take a shape contrary to Thine.




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2 responses to “MY PRAYER.

  1. Meghna

    Beautiful !!!

  2. Dear Armaity, only now I came to visit your blog .. for a very long time I enjoyed and loved your poems .. it is about time to gather them together and share them on the ether too :-). Particularly this poem touched me .. profoundly … I guess poets give voice to so many others that cannot articulate the language of their hearts in words.. thus, we need you in our lives .. to listen to our hearts while reading your poems ..All my love! Yours, Ioana

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