Mother of all Mothers
radiating pure divine love
incandescent light,boundless mercy and joy
how can we even start to thank Thee
for all the abundant bounties
that Thou have so generously blessed us with
enriching us with Thy continuous grace.

We know not whether we were deserving
of all that we received from Thee,
except by our keen and pure desire
that burned within our innermost shrine,
but Thou who art everywhere, within and without
with Thy inextinguishable supreme light
enlightened our hearts and minds,
raised our consciousness to heights
where it could easily absorb the beauty
of absolute truth, divine love and ultimate joy.

Now we in turn do solemnly promise Thee
to share all this that we were blessed to receive
with those yet immersed in illusionary dark,
make them aware of their inner wealth,
and show them what true divinity is
through our own demeanour and expression of love,
so that they in turn seek and find and share
the treasure with others who are yet to grow.



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